Vyew API Overview

Server-side API (called over HTTP)

Use this API with a programming language of your choice to interact with Vyew Rooms. You can…

  • Create Vyew Rooms and import content into them
  • Get Vyew Room URL's and invitations and send users into Rooms
  • Log in users, create users, etc…

Learn More: Server-side API Overview

Client-side API for Flash plugins inside Vyew

This is a Flash/Flex API for building Flash apps which can plug in to the Vyew Room and take advantage of the multu-user real-time environment.

  • Create Adobe Flash based plug-ins that integrate inside the Vyew environment
  • Synchronize events and actions within your plugin in real-time among users in the same room
  • Store data that can be retreived each meeting so the plugin can maintain its state

Learn More: Client-side API Documentation

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